Balsam Fir P-70 Containerized Seedlings

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Balsam Fir P-70 Containerized Seedlings

Containerized fir trees are a great value at $70 for 198 trees. They are shipped in the styroblock containers which allow for greater planting flexibility. They can be held in the styroblock containers for several weeks prior to planting with proper watering. Individually wrapped they make a great seedling for promotional events and weddings. The Balsam Fir P-70 variety has been shown to be superior in height, growth rate and frost resistance.  They are a popular Christmas tree.  The trees range from 2 to 4 inches in length. The Provenance 70 (P-70) was rated best in performance of over 100 provinces from North America. The P-70 has a denser crown and foliage and is later flushing for frost resistance.  The studies were performed through the Northern Institute of Forest Genetics Forestry Science Laboratory of the U. S. Forest Service and the University of Wisconsin, supported by the Hatch Project, No. C1826.